Shopify product review apps

Top 5 Shopify Product Review Apps (2021)


Product reviews — why are they important? Online reviews drive the purchase intent of your customers. 92.4% of customers are more likely to buy a product online if they come across trusted product reviews. Furthermore, 9 out of 10 customers are more likely to buy a product after viewing a positive review online. 


Product reviews are more crucial for standalone stores or independent retail brands compared to large-scale retail enterprises. 


Benefits of online reviews:

  1. Increases store authenticity 

  2. Establishes credibility 

  3. Drives users purchase intent 

  4. Attract new customers 

  5. Acquires vital data and insight for marketing and research 


    Getting product reviews on your Shopify store is beneficial for scaling and growing your eCommerce business. 

    You can implement and integrate your Shopify store with product review apps available through the Shopify app store — both free and paid ones. 

    Though there are multiple product review apps for the Shopify store available, only a few will get you the most out of product reviews. And we have analyzed and curated the Top 5 Shopify Product Review Apps — that come with unique features and the best value-added pros for your Shopify store. 


    We will dig deep into each of these Shopify Product Review Apps — so that you make an informed decision in adding the product review app to your Shopify store. 


    Top 5 Shopify Product Review Apps 

    1. Ryviu

    2. Bazaarvoice 

    3. Yotpo 

    4. Product Reviews by Shopify 

    5. Loox 




    Ryviu is one of the top product review platforms. It offers multiple features for you to grow your eCommerce site. Along with them, the dashboard is easy to manage, optimize and work with to get the most of product reviews on your store. 


    Ryviu comes with a free plan, and its basic pricing plan starts from $9.99. 




    Bazaarvoice’s ratings and reviews tool provides user-generated content (UGC) that allows customers to engage and convert to your store. Merchants can collect unique and authentic reviews, ratings, product images, and more with the tool. You can make use of its multi-product submission forms, insight, and reports for research and strategy development. 




    Yotpo review and rating platform is data-driven. It comes with features that allow merchants to collect product reviews, queries, ratings, and more through in-mail technology. It drives users to provide reviews online via customizable widgets, access customer questions, provide helpful information, and more. 


    Yotpo review and rating platform’s price starts from $19 / mo and a free plan. 


    Product Reviews by Shopify 


    Product Reviews is a Shopify product review app developed by Shopify only. The app allows Shopify merchants to add customer review features to their products, enabling their customers to engage and connect with them. The product review app helps in increasing sales, boosts ranking score on Google Search, and is entirely customizable with your Shopify store theme. And finally, the Product Reviews Shopify app is available for free! 




    Loox is one of the top reviews and referral Shopify app. The app drives customers and transforms them into your brand mouthpiece, and it helps boost eCommerce growth and trust amongst your customers. The app has multiple gallery and widget integration features that support displaying your brand for better promotion and conversion. 


    The price starts from $9.99!