Craft - OS 2.0

Ideal to create stores related to fashion, furniture, jewellery, etc.

Customize using Shopify customizer, create new home page styles, unlimited design possibilities.

$59.99 $120.00


Shopify os 2.0

Built for Shopify OS 2.0. Use drag and drop editor with sections and blocks to create and customize Shopify pages.


Blazing Fast Loading Speed

Lightning fast page load time, without a second’s delay. Boost page views, conversions and customer experience


Mobile-first Design

More than 72.9% will make for mobile commerce by 2021. And with Mobile-first Design, create better checkout and purchase experiences for your customers across all mobile screen sizes


One-click Checkout

Frictionless checkout with One-click Checkout from Product Pages. No need for third-party apps.


Unlimited Customization

Complete customization control — choose your brand font, color and layout.


Mega Menu with Banners

Display multiple Mega Menus with Banners. Showcase and highlight your products and collections.


Built-in Banner & Signup Forms

Mega menu banners, home page static banners and sign up forms — all built in the theme